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Everyone in life has one time felt stressed up and worked up. This is a feeling you usually get after a long day at work or even after some continuous days of work with little or minimal rest. After all this you will want to relax and let all the stress out. Sometimes the pressure is too much in your body you feel like you can’t go on without a rest. You don’t have to worry about this. At Sirens Tantric Massage London, we will give you a massage that you will never forget. It will be the most relaxing and wonderful moment in your life. We offer professional massage services in London UK, and we are the best of them all. We have massage therapists who will give you tips and insights on getting a massage or even coach you on some massage techniques just in case you want to surprise someone with a body massage.

Tantric Massage and Erotic Massage are quickly spreading across the world, helping to heal people of their sexual insecurities and awaken and transmute new energy from within. While the words “Tantra” and “Erotic” often conjure up images of sex and the “happy ending” that is sometimes talked about in the world of massage, this is not quite what is being referred to. In order to explain the difference between Tantric massage and regular massage, we first need to examine what Tantra really is.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means “woven together” so when we talk about Tantric massage, what exactly are we weaving together?  The short answer is the mundane/physical and the spiritual. In many modern cultures we are taught to view our own sexuality as taboo but then have it dangled in our faces every day by the media through advertisements, Billboards, Television and many other avenues, creating a kind of confusion. Throughout Western culture, it is common to find individuals who have lost touch with the spiritual importance of sexuality and sexual energy. Tantra is the antidote to this disconnection of body and spirit and a doorway to the joys of full experiencing our sensuality.

What is Tantric Massage

Through various techniques, such as synchronized breathing and guided meditations you are able to connect with your masseuse on a deep and spiritual level. It can be difficult for some people to let their guard down and truly connect with others, so the masseuse is someone who is specially trained in making you feel comfortable with the process. Connecting in this way allows the masseuse to be able to excite and manipulate the sexual and sensual energies within you, ultimately guiding you toward a full body orgasm. Normally, when sexual or sensual energy is stimulated in the body through touch, muscles contract until the build-up of tension eventually becomes too much and the energy is released via ejaculation (for both males and females). With Tantric Massage in London, the masseuse is able to allow this energy to flow through your entire body by keeping your body and mind relaxed. They are then able to consciously guide the flow of this energy to its appropriate centers in the body, rather than being expelled through the genitals. The experience goes far beyond pleasure and is able to bring about a spiritual awakening where you gain a new perspective on sexuality, and perhaps life as a whole. Not only is this an incredibly exhilarating and pleasurable experience, it also offers many health benefits. The body can only generate so much energy each day and sexual release depletes this energy when not managed in the correct way. With Tantric massage, we get the pleasure of orgasm without losing any of the energy that is raised in the process, thus feeding your body with vitality and increasing the individual’s health overall.

The true purpose of Tantra is to connect the body, mind and soul within ourselves as well as to connect us in this same way with others. Tantric Massage is an excellent way to open the door to a more exciting and fulfilling  experience of life.

The Benefits of Tantric massage

There are different kinds or types of massage, and they have different purposes. However, one general aim of all kinds of massage is providing relaxation. A massage is the best way to relieve your stress and relax. The different types of massage offer different end results apart from relaxing.

  • A massage helps you release stress and pressure in your body
  • A massage will also help with uniform blood circulation all over the body
  • Some types of massage (erotic massage) also assist you with some problems like premature ejaculation
  • Emotional healing is also a benefit of a tantric massage where the art of tantra is used
  • Massage can be used to enhance sexual stimulation
  • A couples massage can help in building trust in a relationship

The different types of massage have a wide variety of benefits, and we at Sirens Tantric Massage will help you explore the different benefits.

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