Prostate Massage

Speak to us for prostate massage in London by SirensLooking for Prostate Massage in London?

It is one of the most popular massages today. At Tantric Sirens, we offer a broad range of massage, and this one is no exception for us. We will give you a prostate massage and make sure it is an experience you enjoy and want to repeat.  A prostrate massage is a form of massage where the masseuse concentrates on the prostate gland. Most people say this is the male g-spot.

A prostate massage in London is good in providing pleasure to the guy, and it also has some health benefits. This kind of a massage is very helpful in preventing premature ejaculation. A massage therapist will recommend this for a couple who have lost their sex life due to some of these challenges. During a prostate massage, the masseuse will give you a full body deep tissue massage first. She will then concentrate on the prostate for the longest time during which she will guide the client on how to control his feeling. As stimulating as it can be, the masseuse is experienced enough to read the level of stimulation the client is on. She will communicate with the client giving him tips on how to contain the orgasm for the longest time possible. This is a treatment option for men with premature ejaculation.

Prolonged Prostate Pleasure

The massage will bring prolonged and very deep orgasms which will be fulfilling to the guy. A prostate massage helps you keep the prostate healthy. Problems like prostate cancer can be avoided by a prostate massage. During the erotic massage, you will learn the art of giving a proper prostate massage and the next time you and your partner want to try it out, you can guide her throughout the whole session.

Massaging the prostate helps relieve a good amount of physical and emotional stress as well as pressure from the body. Before going on to massage the prostrate, the masseuse will give you a full body massage. While you are relaxed after the massage, the masseuse will head to now massaging your prostate. It is good to get information in advance from the masseuse how she is going to do the massage, so you don’t feel weird or awkward. Let the masseuse explain what will happen when and which areas are to be massaged and why. We have professional masseuses who are capable of giving you all this information so you can relax and let go.

If you are a person who likes controlling others, this sensual massage will help you to give control to someone else. The prostate is located underneath the bladder. The masseuse will use certain techniques to massage it and all this while, she will be communicating with you making sure that you feel comfortable all the time. If you feel uncomfortable, the masseuse will just stop and give you time to relax.

The Prostate Massage Experience

Feel free to treat yourself to a prostrate massage with us at Tantric Sirens. Call us today and book your session with some of our professional masseuses and experience the feeling of going to cloud nine on a massage bed.