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The Ultimate relaxing Nuru Massage

The Ultimate relaxing Nuru Massage

When people think of oriental massage, they would instantly normally think of either Thai massage or maybe even Japanese Shiatsu. One that is fast gaining in popularity and is spreading across the Western world is now nuru massage. It is actually a massage that has its origins in Japan but it is quite unlike many others that we may have come across in the region.

Firstly yes this is more of an erotic massage and it is also a true body to body massage. In fact this really will only work as a body to body massage as the masseuse will work the whole process with her body and not really her hands., unless for the more delicate parts of the body

An Erotic and Slippery Experience

This really is both a relaxing and erotic experience and is made possible by the fine gel that is used. Being made from seaweed you can see where its gets that ‘slippy’ texture from and is an absolute treat to use and also feels very nice on the skin

As your masseuse glides along your body you will start to feel both exciting and also relaxing sensations at the same time. It really does depend on the tempo of the massage as to how things will evolve in the massage but this is definitely a therapy that will become ever more popular as more people start to use it. One establishment that has made this their signature technique is the Sirens Parlour who offer nuru massage in London (more here) as their top of the menu deal and provide this to clients at their place and also service clients in hotels too!

For anyone out there that hasn’t had the pleasure of this therapy, then Sirens London really is one to try!

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