Getting an amazing 4 hands massage in London

The room is dim with soft lighting and it creates a gentle mood. The client lays on a nicely padded massage table awaiting the session. There are draped fluffy towels for comfort and privacy.

This type of massage is done by two highly skilled therapists. They use combined touches and strokes to give a deep erotic tapestry of touch, the pliable skin under their fingertips moves with each motion. They use all four hands at one time relaxing the client with buttery soft movements. The movements are controlled and sychronised in a combined way to introduce the client to worlds of wonder. They will drift away in a cloud of rapture. Massages can be a beautiful experience. They are personal but not intimate maintaining a sense of privacy as needed.

Soft music envelopes the room and adds to the ambience. Massages using two attractive therapists can entice the client to realms of enjoyment that were not thought possible. Their muscles are tense at first, but as comforting hands stroke and knead they become supple and relaxed. Having four hands massaging you will at first make you self conscience of where all of those hands are going. But after the initial beginning you relax and slip into a comfortable world of touch. You feel your muscles give under the constant movement and massaging of four hands at once.

As the massage progresses you drift sublimely down soothing caresses and achingly powerful touches. Deeply felt four handed massage transports you away from a stressful day and delivers you replete in relaxation within minutes. Sometimes the massage seems to firm, almost eliciting a spoken word. But then as your muscles loosen it feels like you are drifting on a cloud.

A special 4 hands massage

Four handed massage is special above all other types of massage. You will feel rejuvenated and lifted up to a higher plane. Tantric massage therapy is a combination of movement and setting. Setting is very important to create the mood for a great massage. The whole point is total relaxation and a renewal of energy for the client. When you get a four handed massage you will feel several hands touching you. They may start with your shoulders easing the tenseness and bunched muscles. Stroking them into softness, letting energy flow freely through your body. You will feel a sense of blissful renewal that makes you smile. Massage has been around for hundreds of years. A massage can improve your mood and reduce tension and stress. It improves blood flow in people with these issues such as those with diabetic problems. Massage can improve the lymphatic system and reduces swelling of feet and ankles. In a four handed massage it can combine long smooth strokes with deeper ones. Both of a clients sides can be massaged at the same time thereby producing a more complete massage. Imagine if you will a darkened room, the scent of lavender wafting in the air and two skilled therapists massaging at the same time. It would be so sensual and so appreciated.

As you lay there being massaged your mind drifts to emerald sculptured leaves etched deep and forever changing. A lake true crystal cascading shards of light into quiet thoughtful bliss. And a solitary birds trilling cry perched high among the bushes. And afternoon has fallen. An afternoon drenched in amber light, the light of autumns arrival. Golden russet leaves crisp, telling of beauty untarnished. Arrogant golden rod swaying with the cooler breeze, their flaxen heads arched high. The still hush of another day, another century, another eternity. This is truly relaxing as my mind drifts to the bittersweet happiness as you watch a pungent stack of shell shaped leaves lit into a fire. And the golden circle of friends you keep around you for the closer moments colder weather brings. And the love that is shared like spun gold between two lovers and like autumn itself, flames bright.

Your tantric massage is over and you sit up. All your muscles feel like butter and you dress with a delicious sense of completeness. You walk with a more steady step to the front desk and its like you are walking on a cloud. Its back to your regular life you will go but you will return again. Getting a four handed massage is a life altering event for some. Lots of people do not get touched even in a normal way very often. People sit next to each other but most people keep a distance. A sexy sensual massage helps to reconnect you to the world. Its similar to a newborn being stroked by its mother. It soothes something deep inside of us that rarely surfaces. Touch is very important to the development of a persons personality. As you continue to give and get massages there will be a nice change in you. There will be more smiles and a more open demeanor. You may have a skip in your step and notice things you may have missed. Life is short as a rule. To add comfort by getting a massage is something good to do for yourself. It provides you with a way to feel better. Better than any therapy massage can help you to heal from trauma. It can lift you out of depression and bring happiness to your heart.

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